About Nicolò
Name: Nicolò
Age: 18
City and Nationality: Pescara, Italy
How and when did you realize you're gay? 
Let's just say I've always known I was attracted to guys, I distinctly remember writing a love letter when I was eight for this kid that used to take swimming classes with me, it was in middle school though when I learned that being gay was a thing and on that I need to thank both internet/social media and the straight guys that started using "faggot" as an insult and I would find myself always called out that way even though I was still in the closet.
What was your most painful discriminatory experience so far?
I could name single episodes of discrimination that I had to put up with, but I feel like it makes more sense emphasizing the general aspect of it. The fact that still to this day I'm afraid that whenever I'm walking down the street someone could yell at me or catcall me or insult me cause I'm "too feminine" compared to their ideal of how a guy should present himself. it's something that never goes away because you never know who you're gonna meet and that's why I'm not even able to express myself fully as I'd love to for example through makeup, not because I'm not comfortable wearing it but because it puts a target on my back and it's legitimately dangerous for me, same reason for which I can't even hold my boyfriend's hand when we're walking down the street
What do you like about you and what would you change?
I want to start by saying that I've had a very troubled relationship with my own image growing up but I think that's something anyone could relate to, I've had my fair share of eating disorders and self hatred but I can confidently say I'm at a point where I like everything about myself, from my lips and my eyes to my weird nipples and my tummy because I figured there's no point in spending time and energies hating my body. So to answer the question no, there's nothing I would change about myself because this is who I am and I'm 100% ok with it
 Your tattoo is singular, what's its meaning to you, when did you choose to have it done and why in that particular spot? 
I feel like my tattoo is very representative of me for various reasons, it's an ironic take on something that's actually very serious : I decided to get it to exorcise years and years of mental health issues that affected my entire adolescence and to remind myself that even at my lowest I could always put on a flowy shirt, tuck it in some high waisted wide pants and get out and be fashionable which kinda is my style. I know it may sound stupid to some but at its core what it really means for me is that even if like me you're a walking cry for help there's always something small you can do to help yourself get out of bed and face everything you need to face taking it one thing at a time starting from what's easier for you, and that's what fashion is for me. 

Concept, Interview and Photography by Clotilde Petrosino
Proofreading by Verdiana Nobile 
Shared on: Vogue Italia and L'uomo Vogue  Instagram scouting for #TheBrightSideOfEu call to action and Instagram Campaign Launched by Vogue Italia 
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