About Bradley
Name: Bradley 
Chinese Name: Yuankuo 

Age: 26
City: Rome, Italy
Nationality: Chinese

How and when did you realize you're gay? 
When I was a teenager, the other boys would talk about girls and watched porn, I found out that I liked men more than women, so I realised I was different from them. I LIKED BOYS. So when I was 17, I got my first boyfriend, YunFei. And I still miss him.
What was your most painful discriminatory experience so far?
Actually, I don’t remember it clearly. I think I've never felt pain because I am gay. I mean , I experienced some embarrassing situations because of me being gay, but I’m a strong person, I usually make them know I am gay and make it clear they can’t judge me! Nevertheless, when I was in middle school I really hated the boys calling me SISSY, and I didn’t know what to reply to that. So sad. 
What do you like about you and what would you change?
First of all, I am an independent person. At the same time, I am very confident. These two points are very important for my works. Secondly, I am a kind person. I never hurt others and I can always find the good in people and try to get along so that they feel comfortable around me. I like laughing, I always laugh, which helps me making friends easily. If I had to choose what to change about me, I wish I could be more decisive, I am a little bit insecure. 
 Your tattoo is singular, what's its meaning to you, when did you choose to have it done and why in that particular spot? 
Well, my first tattoo was a pattern of wings on my crotch, because I was born in a small village and I wanted to fly away to see different things, especially the big city. After moving to Beijing to go to college, I quickly matured and met my second boyfriend, Jesse, an American. He is graduated in Chinese language and he would always tell me: "Baby, you are too sexy, like a fox" (in China we call a sexy woman a FOX). 
 How is it living in China and being gay? And In Italy?
I don't feel that much difference, but I personally prefer boys from Europe and America. In China's big cities, being gay is not a problem at all. The government keeps an attitude of "Don't support, don't ban". In the past few years, though, the cultural leaders have been going through a more and more conservative attitude, which I just don't agree with. Gay people, by the way, are more exposed to family's pressure. Especially in China, the ones who practice Confucianism are influenced by the ancestral culture. It is not easy coming out to family and society. 
Does your family knows you’re gay? And what do they think about it? 
4 years ago I came out to my mother and my sister. It was a tough time because they did not want to accept it. Our relationship has only eased after half a year. We have a really close relationship, but my mother  still wish I could give her a grandson and a daughter-in-law. This is a problem. I mean, my family still hopes they can change me. 

Art Direction, Interview and Photography by Clotilde Petrosino
Proofreading by Verdiana Nobile 
"The Queer Talks" Bradley- The Fox Tattoo
"The Queer Talks" Bradley- The Fox Tattoo
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